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CA | Contenders | Ryan Decenzo

We set down with Pro Street skateboarder Ryan Decenzo for a quick Q & A regarding his contest year and more.

Ryan has been competing for quiet some time and is always a familiar face one the podium. Winning three X Games gold medals, 1st place in a Redbull Hartlines and getting a 1st place win for SLS back in 2013.


To begin with, what contests did you compete in this year?

I competed in X Games, Dewtour, Tampa Pro, All Street League stops except for super crown, Japan Skate Ark, Rio de Janiero Brazil Contest and Hartlines.

Is there a specific contest you look forward to each year?

I look forward to the X Games street contest the most each year.

Favorite course of 2017?

Favorite course of 2017 was the X games course in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Any least favorite obstacles to you on a course?

Giant vert walls!

Favorite contest moment of the year?

They were all great!

Any certain contest format you prefer?

Favorite format is probably just Tampa style runs or the old Maloof Style Jams.

Any particular obstacles that stuck out to you this year?

Blasting over the Viking ship at Games, and the giant drop they made off the hubba at street league Chicago.

What obstacles would you like to see more of in contests?

Skinny hubbas that can lock feebles and hurricanes

Favorite person to watch skate at contests?

Love watching Evan Smith and Ishod Wair rip around.

Are there any big challenges in competing in these contests?

Street League best trick format has always been a challenge for me.

Favorite Contest Course ever?

Maloof Money Cup South africa or Maloof cup Costa mesa with the triple set.

Any specific contest goals for next year?

Figure out the Street League and getting on the Podium.

How do you prepare for events like X Games, Dew Tour, Park Series Etc..?

Skate the local park (Vans park HB) and skate street.

Do you see yourself competing in the 2020 Olympics?

I suppose so...


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